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When you hear the word “YOLO” (you only live once) screamed out somewhere, you tend to roll your eyes and wait for something interesting (and sometimes stupid) to happen around you.  The idea behind YOLO is that you should give everything a go at least once as you don’t know when or if the opportunity will arise again. As much as I hate to say this, but I do agree with the principle of YOLO. I don’t think we live once, but I think we live every single day and opportunities are always around us – we just have to see it as an opportunity. And when we see that opportunity, we need to grasp it with both hands and we just need to run with it.

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Through an Aussie’s Eyes is an emerging travel blog that is based in Australia but adventures around the world for the adventurous traveller.  This blog is a trusted resource that provides travellers with trusted travel tips, activities and destination guides. I want to show people that anyone can see the hidden gems that are around


the world. I am offering my readers reliable travel advice on travelling abroad.  I will also include stories about my own personal adventures in the mix.

I am very open to sponsorship, partnerships, advertising, radio and television. I believe in working with partners who support my travel values.

Please use the contact form at the end to discuss any of the below opportunities or email me at helena@throughanaussieseyes.com.

Who am I?

The Grand Canyon

I am Helena Kreis and I have been travelling abroad since 2004 and domestically for as long as I can remember. I have a double degree in International Studies and Public Relations and I am well on the way to getting my Masters in International Security.

Through an Aussie’s Eyes was created on the stunning Bondi to Coogee hike in Sydney, Australia. Since then, there has been a continuous rapid growth on my website and my audience is continuously engaging.



My Demographic:

Melbourne, Australia

Through an Aussie’s Eyes is targeted towards the adventure traveller with a touch of luxury. I am also all about targeted the average person who wants to start travelling the world.

My demographics reflect that my audience is split between the US (56%), Australia (15%) and the UK (5%). Other countries which attract a consistent readership include Canada, India, Serbia, Mexico, the Philippines, Italy and Spain.

What I can do for YOU:

Exposure –

Full coverage of your product (or any trips I take) on my blog.  This includes written articles and extensive social media coverage.

There is a section on this blog dedicated to equipment and hotel reviews. These posts can also be included in my other travel categories which ensures that these posts reach your travel niche and the target audience. This also increased the visibility of your product on my blog as articles are not buried under mass content.

Influence –

As a trusted travel resource, my readers often plan their travel, accommodation and activities after having read about it on my blog.

Professional Content –

I take a lot of pride in producing professional and high quality content for my website. I have invested in a high quality camera and with my background in public relations, will showcase your brand with excellence.

All of our professional photographs are featured both within my website and across all of my various social media accounts when appropriate.


Website Statistics:

Each month sees a phenomenal growth in visits to my website. Statistics last updated in August 2017.

  • Average unique monthly visitors – 230+
  • Average monthly page views – 400+
  • Domain Authority – 24
  • Page Authority – 36


Social Media Statistics:

I have a highly engaging and organic following across a variety of different social media platforms, and an

A toucan in Costa Rica

incredibly strong social media presence which continuous to grow rapidly. These statistics were last updated in August 2017.

  • Twitter followers – 6,300+
  • Facebook followers – 1,800+
  • Instagram followers – 1,200+
  • Pinterest followers – 640+
  • I also have a presence on LinkedIn and Snapchat.


Partnership Opportunities:

Press and Social Media Trips-

The main reason I started this blog is because I like to travel. Travel is a huge part of my life and I will happily accept press and social media trips. I do, however, reserve the right to write what I want for my website – my honesty is why I have such a large following.

Products Reviews –

I will review a variety of travel related products/services on my blog, and am happy to accept sponsored reviews should you have a product you would like featured. Such reviews generally include links bank to your website along with appropriate images, and will be promoted across my social media accounts All posts will remain in my archives section. I am all about honesty, so I reserve the right to write honestly about your product.

Banner Ads –

I will happily promote travel products which are relevant to my brand. Please feel free to contact me on the below contact form for information on pricing, sizes and positions.

Contests/Giveaways –

I welcome products for giveaways or prizes for contests, and additionally are happy to promote any travel related competitions your company may be running.

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Sulawesi, Indonesia

Sweet Little Places for a Surfing Honeymoon

Sure, Paris is just a perfect destination for honeymooners – the lights, the bistros, the wine, the baguette, the Eiffel Tower, and everything else. Still, when you think about it, what can you actually do in Paris? Take long walks and eat. There are some couples that would like their honeymoon to be filled with a bit more excitement than that. And because there are a lot of them, active honeymoons have become quite common. Couples that like surfing can expect quite a treat everywhere around the globe, especially in the Pacific region. Here are a few places that join romance and surfing in the best possible way.

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Tips on Hiring a Car

When I travel overseas, I prefer to hire a car to explore my latest destination.  I just find it so much easier to be able to go where I want and to see what I want. Not to mention it provides shelter from bad weather, a place to put all of my things and a place to charge my phone and camera.

Hiring a car isn’t for everyone, but sometimes it is just the fear of not knowing how to hire a car that stops people from doing it. Hopefully the below tips will help you feel more confident to hire a car on your next adventure.

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17 Travel Bloggers to Follow in 2017

2017 is here and life is starting to get back into the normal routine. The New Year is all about making resolutions and a ‘new year, new me’ attitude. Inspiration is what keeps our resolutions and dreams alive. One of my New Year resolutions is to travel more, so to help me with this resolution I have compiled a list of the top 17 travel bloggers to watch in 2017. These guys are the ones that have inspired me to travel overseas and to explore my own backyard. I must also note that there are so many more amazing travel bloggers out there than just the 17 below.

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2016 in Review

Ah, 2016. What a bizarre year it has been.  Pokémon Go took over the world and we lost countless big name celebrities. As I sit here and think about this year, I realise that it just wasn’t that great to me. Like it wasn’t bad, it just was not great. It is what I think of as a ‘stepping stone’ year; a year that will get me to somewhere better. I hope. Keep Reading