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When you hear the word “YOLO” (you only live once) screamed out somewhere, you tend to roll your eyes and wait for something interesting (and sometimes stupid) to happen around you.  The idea behind YOLO is that you should give everything a go at least once as you don’t know when or if the opportunity will arise again. As much as I hate to say this, but I do agree with the principle of YOLO. I don’t think we live once, but I think we live every single day and opportunities are always around us – we just have to see it as an opportunity. And when we see that opportunity, we need to grasp it with both hands and we just need to run with it.

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Through an Aussie’s Eyes is an emerging travel blog that is based in Australia but adventures around the world for the adventurous traveller.  This blog is a trusted resource that provides travellers with trusted travel tips, activities and destination guides. I want to show people that anyone can see the hidden gems that are around

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Sweet Little Places for a Surfing Honeymoon

Sure, Paris is just a perfect destination for honeymooners – the lights, the bistros, the wine, the baguette, the Eiffel Tower, and everything else. Still, when you think about it, what can you actually do in Paris? Take long walks and eat. There are some couples that would like their honeymoon to be filled with a bit more excitement than that. And because there are a lot of them, active honeymoons have become quite common. Couples that like surfing can expect quite a treat everywhere around the globe, especially in the Pacific region. Here are a few places that join romance and surfing in the best possible way.

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Tips on Hiring a Car

When I travel overseas, I prefer to hire a car to explore my latest destination.  I just find it so much easier to be able to go where I want and to see what I want. Not to mention it provides shelter from bad weather, a place to put all of my things and a place to charge my phone and camera.

Hiring a car isn’t for everyone, but sometimes it is just the fear of not knowing how to hire a car that stops people from doing it. Hopefully the below tips will help you feel more confident to hire a car on your next adventure.

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