18 Travel Bloggers to follow on Facebook in 2018

2018 is well under way and if you are like me, you are already looking for your next adventure. I have been back at my ‘real job’ for a couple of days now and I am finding that I am looking for travel inspiration everywhere. Below is 18 travel bloggers you really should follow on Facebook in 2018 so you can quench your travel thirst.

In case you need a bit more travel inspo after going through this list, this is the one from 2017.


The World Pursuit

Natasha and Cameron are the masterminds behind The World Pursuit. Their last big trip involved them buying a truck and travelling Africa – now that is an adventure! Their next big adventure is a trip that is based around snowboarding. Follow their adventures as their board the best in the Alps and North America before they head off to Asia.


Nomadic Chica

Gloria has been travelling (mostly) solo for the past 20 years. As she is one of the very few travel bloggers from Chile this makes her content quite unique. After she ditched her professional healthcare career she created her blog to show women that they can in fact travel solo and even enjoy some luxury on the road!


Kathmandu & Beyond

Kristy and Mark show the world a different and fresh perspective on travel and tourism through off the beaten path destinations. You will see the best street art and architecture that you can find in their travel blog. Not to mention that these two are incredibly modest!


My Adventures Across the World

Claudia was one of the very first travel bloggers that I followed when I was starting out and has influenced me in a lot of ways. My Adventures Across the World is mostly based on solo travel and also involves hiking and finding hidden corners. Claudia is currently exploring Israel.


The Midnight Blue Elephant

I only recently discovered Annika and her blog and I am so glad I did! She is so real and is all about the experience of travel and makes sure that luxury and adventure are equal. Annika also has a book called Solotrip (written in German) that I have heard is definitely worth the time (I just can’t read German….).


Journey Wonders

Raphael Alexander is one crazy Mexican guy that (according to him) is a ‘smooth talker and a tequila drinker’. The Journey Wonders blog is full of so much fun and covers culture and adventure travel with a slice of misadventure. His goal is to inspire the people of the world to unleash their full inner potential.


Destination Addict

Kelly and Adam are the couple behind Destination Addict. They are known for their incredible adventures, generous spirits and their sense of adventure. I think one of the most amazing things about these guys is that they are cycling from the UK to Iran to raise funds and awareness for mental health – wow!


Luxury Columnist

Suze and her husband, Paul, write all about hidden gems and their unique experiences. They have a great splash of luxury and are fantastic photographers. They are heading out to the Philippines shortly for their next luxurious adventure.


The Beauty Backpacker

Yariella is all about travelling and learning about beauty from around the world. She is all about promoting the diversity of beauty and the idea that every women is unique and beautiful in her own way. The Beauty Backpacker is permanently travelling.  Her next couple of destinations are Mexico, Southeast Asia and Japan.


Practical Wanderlust

Practical Wanderlust follows a couple that are real and down to earth. What sets this blog out from the rest is that they talk about travel fails, embarrassing moments and low moments. Travel bloggers are well known for creating a ‘perfect’ life so these guys are a breath of fresh air!


Through an Aussie’s Eyes

Helena is all about inspiring people to travel the world. As a part time blogger she not only travels the world but will promote her own town of Canberra, Australia. She is never one to shy away from an adventure and is always up for exploring.


Getting Stamped

I must admit that I am a big fan of both Hannah and Adam (especially on their snapchat). If you want to see beautiful photography (including awesome drone work) than you can”t go past these guys. They gave up on the ‘American dream’ and set out on a round the world trip and they haven’t looked back since!


Travel Mad Mum

Karen is using her maternity leave to travel with her bubba and toddler around South America and then to New Zealand. She aims to inspire other parents with her personal experience, factual information and tips for travelling with your little ones.


World Travel Adventurers

This family of 4 (including young kids) are the gurus in luxury travel for less by travel hacking, using reward programs etc. They have an upcoming trip to the Maldives next month (jealous!) and will be heading off to Iceland in spring. They also talk about travelling as a couple.


For the Love of Wanderlust

Paige is known for her genuine spirit and her pure joy for travel as it shines through every one of her posts. She loves the outdoors and will easily showcase the often unexpected beauty of any destination. Follow her as she goes from exploring temples to tasting craft beer!


Once in a Lifetime Journey

Mar is very well known in the travel blogging world and there is definitely a good reason why. She is a true luxury blogger and often travels to places that nobody goes to. With almost 100 countries under her belt, this year she will be checking out Macau, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Oman, Tanzania, Rwanda, Bangladesh and more!


Global Help Swap

Karen and Paul of Global Help Swap is all about the best in sustainable and wellness travel. They are on a mission to hunt down the most magical, responsible experiences on earth.  They have upcoming trips to France, Nepal and Antigua.


Contented Traveller

Paula and Gordon are the two behind the Contented Traveller. They aim their posts at the fit, free, and financial traveller who want to have an amazing experience.

I also want to give a special shout out to Paula who has helped me a lot over the years. I met Paula and Gordon in Indonesia in 2016 and they are the most amazing people. Paula spent quite a few evenings with me showing me the some of the basics of travel blogging. Thank you for helping me and countless others!

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  • Annika

    January 9, 2018

    Thank you so much for including me in this awesome round-up! And good news – I am working on an English translation for my book and would love to send you a copy once it is out 🙂 Let’s stay in touch!!

    • Through an Aussie's Eyes

      January 22, 2018

      Thank you! I would love to read a copy of your book. Thank you so much. I will gladly stay in touch 🙂


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