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Sweet Little Places for a Surfing Honeymoon

Sure, Paris is just a perfect destination for honeymooners – the lights, the bistros, the wine, the baguette, the Eiffel Tower, and everything else. Still, when you think about it, what can you actually do in Paris? Take long walks and eat. There are some couples that would like their honeymoon to be filled with a bit more excitement than that. And because there are a lot of them, active honeymoons have become quite common. Couples that like surfing can expect quite a treat everywhere around the globe, especially in the Pacific region. Here are a few places that join romance and surfing in the best possible way.

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A Night at the Museum

Majority of my Friday nights are spent watching Netflix and going to bed early but I made a new mission to myself – to go out and explore my hometown, Canberra, as much as I can. I spend my time dreaming and planning trips of far off distant lands but sometimes I forget that I live in a beautiful city as well. So when my Mum sent me a text asking if I wanted to go to the National Museum of Australia’s Origins night, I was in.

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What is Australia Day?

As some of you may know, today is Australia Day (26 January). But what actually is Australia Day? Today isn’t just all about having a public holiday (a nice bonus though that was introduced in 1994), but it is a day that we can reflect upon our diverse society and landscape. A day we can think about all of the amazing achievements and what our future may hold for us. And even more exciting, a day for the new Australian citizens who can call themselves Australian after being conferred citizenship.

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Christmas in Australia

I really wanted to write a blog about Australia and Christmas but I really had no idea where to start. Christmas is one of those sacred times with family yet we all celebrate it so openly. I wanted to bring you all Australia’s traditions with a mixture of some of my friend’s traditions. Because, what is it really like having Christmas in Australia? I was a bit stumped on where to start and if my family really even had any traditions. Since I moved out of home just over a year ago, I make sure that I head over to the parents place on Christmas Eve so I can wake up with the family on Christmas Day. As I walked in the door with my washing basket full of presents, I started to remember all of these things we do every year. Like every year my Sister and I make a gingerbread house (we are very average at it) but I have so much fun doing it. Or my Mum always uses my Nan’s gravy jug (to remember and include her in the festive day) and it plays as a centre piece on the table. This is just how my family’s traditions are.  They are different. They are what we have created over the years and what we will continue to do.

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