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Duncan’s Legacy

Have you ever travelled somewhere to raise funds for something that needs your help? Maybe something like cancer research? Cancer is something that has touched every one of us; it doesn’t discriminate against rich or poor, English speaker or non-English speaker, white skinned or dark skinned. It is something that tears families apart but some families are choosing to create a legacy for the people they have lost to this terrible disease.

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My Yearly Visit to Tomakin

I have this gorgeous 12 year old border collie cross named Jack. He was a rescue dog that we gave a forever home to when he was 2 years old. He is one of the most beautiful dogs with the kindest hearts that I have ever met. For the past five years my sister and I (my mum has recently joined us) have been travelling for a day trip from our home in Canberra to Tomakin for a beach day.

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Liebster Award

This is Through an Aussie’s Eyes first official blogging recognition! Woo! I can hear the crowd going wild now!!

Before I go any further about the Liebster Award, I want to thank and apologise to the wonderful Angie Briggs from Feet Do Travel! The reason for my apology is that it has taken me so long to get this post up. Sorry Angie! But thank you so much for the nomination and all of the support you have provided me and other travel bloggers especially with the running of the Feet Do Travel Facebook Group which is designed to bring travel bloggers together and to inspire them to reach for the stars. I love it. It really has helped me so much.

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Riveting Riversdale

One of the very first things I saw when I approached Riversdale was a horse water trough that was hand chiseled by a convict. These hand carving showed the start of Australia’s history. Riversdale is one of Australia’s oldest Colonial Georgian buildings and is full of a rich and vibrant history. This restored house is situated out in Goulburn in rural New South Wales, Australia. The National Trust purchased this house back in 1967 and have dedicated their time to restoring this magnificent house.

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