Floriade, Canberra’s World Class Floral Exhibition

Floriade is a floral exhibition in the nation’s capital, Canberra. With more than a million blooms planted across Commonwealth Park this is more than just a flower show for the whole family to enjoy.

Floriade was first started in 1988 as a once off tribute to celebrate Australia’s bicentenary and Canberra’s 75th anniversary. But the popularity of the flower show meant that it has continued on an annual basis.

Floriade from the ferris wheel

The flowers that are planted for Floriade are stunning. There are so many different types of blooms that I have never seen anywhere else before and would really love to have it in my own garden (give me any tulip!). Every year there is a theme for the gardens. This year it is Rejuvenate, Life in Bloom. As you walk through the gardens there are signs that explain how the garden is set out (designs and colours) and what it represents towards the overall theme.

Poppys on the lake

Along with these beautiful garden beds there are plenty of shops, including horticultural shops. There are lots of lovely local foods from around the region (best fudge!) and goods for the home. You can’t forget to jump on the ferris wheel and check out the beautiful views over Floriade and Canberra as well.


A recent addition to Floraide is all of the daytime entertainment. As you walk around the gardens you will probably see dancers and performers. With stages set up in the garden, you can sit back and listen to live music or comedians. There are also little workshops to make your own take home gift, think a fairy wand workshop (yas!) and body scrub sessions.

This years theme

Floriade is the perfect place to spend the entire day at as a couple, family or even on your own (perfect for any budding photographer). There are plenty of food options throughout Floriade as well. As you walk through the gardens you will spot lots of little goodies to snack on (donut puffs for the win). In the centre of Floriade you will find heaps of tables and options for a more substantial meal along with an awesome little pop up bar. I am also really recommending taking a picnic. The beautiful weather and having a picnic among the flowers is just perfect. If you want to fit in with the Canberrans, I highly recommend getting some bread rolls, a roast chook and some pasta salad to make a sanga (sandwich). It is just so delicious and I would happily have one right now!

Floriade is just the perfect day out in the nation’s capital.

Fast Facts:

Decorations in the trees
  • NightFest is Floriade after dark (stay tuned for a post on further details)
  • Floriade is FREE
  • Located at Commonwealth Park in Canberra
  • Floriade runs for about a month between September and October
  • Open hours from 10am – 7pm
  • There is parking nearby but it does fill up quickly
  • Dogs are not allowed but there is a day at the end of the event that is just for the pooches

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