See Ya 2017

2017 has definitely been a better year than 2016 (not that it was hard). I have had many different adventures in my hometown of Canberra with a couple of domestic and international trips thrown into the mix. Here are some of my highlights.


Floriade in Canberra

As most of you know (or all of you, I dunno how much you guys actually care), I live in Canberra and have done so for just over 20 years (now that makes me feel old). Canberra isn’t exactly known as being the travel or adventure capital of Australia. The Lonely Planet has named Canberra as one of the must travel to cities in 2018 and boy, did Canberra celebrate when it heard this. It was all over the radios and the News.  I think it was mainly because everyone was so shocked we actually made it on to a travel list!

Tulip Top

Anyway, this year I went out and explored some of Canberra’s top attractions. Flowers seemed to be a bit of a theme this year when I visited Tulip Top, Floriade and Nightfest. Floriade is an award winning flower festival that turns into a night flower festival called Nightfest. Tulip Top is a beautiful privately owned garden that is starting to rival Floriade for the flower crown of Canberra.


Another two places I highly recommend to check out is Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve and the Australian War Memorial. If you want to see Aussie animals than Tidbinbilla is the place to go and explore. Full of beautiful hiking tracks (for both the inexperienced and experienced) you can see plenty of roos, emus, koalas, wombats and even the elusive platypus. The War Memorial is one of Australia’s top attractions and it is easy to see why. The artefacts, the stories, the feeling you get as you walk through the War Memorial is one of mateship, inspiration and sacrifice. The War Memorial is an educational space to learn about Australia at war and in peacekeeping missions and totally worth spending the day there.


Tomakin with Jack

So I also got to explore a couple of different places in Australia. Some of my favourites trips is my annual trip to Tomakin with my dog, Jack. Jack is my gorgeous border collie cross who is 13 years old. He is an old man but can still have a good jog up the beach when a stick is thrown.




I managed to get two trips into Sydney this year. Sydney isn’t my favourite place to go but it is good to just escape for the weekend. The first trip was to go and see Aladdin for my birthday and yes, it was amazing! The other was to go and visit my brother who was working up there. I had missed out on going to visit my bro because of my knee (will

Wine tour in Orange before the wedding

explain more later) but he treated me to a weekend in Sydney and it was good fun. I usually go to Sydney for an event so I don’t spend the weekend exploring much but it was good to just kick back and explore the city.

I also got to check out a little town called Eugowra for a friend’s wedding. I love a good wedding and Emma and Kate are just perfect for each other. It was a fun weekend as (almost) our entire cricket team got to travel up to celebrate the day for these two beautiful brides. Travel isn’t always about the destination but it is sometimes more about the people you get to go on the trip with. After knowing the cricket team for a decade they make any trip fun!


Quad biking with Mum

I managed to squeeze in two international trips this year. That might not seem like a lot but remember that I am only a part time blogger.  Travelling internationally from Australia can be incredibly expensive and I really do envy people who live in Europe and can just jump from country to country on the cheap.

Anyway, enough whinging from me, the first trip was to Hawaii with my Mumma Bear. There is definitely more to Hawaii than just Waikiki. I got a much better appreciation for Hawaii when I went to the non-touristy areas. We visited the beautiful islands of O’ahu and the Big Island. My top 3 things that we did were:

  1. Night snorkelling with manta rays
  2. Hiking a volcanic crater
  3. Quad biking through ‘Jurassic Park’

    Maiko performance in Gion

I went to Japan with my sister and her fiancée (another awesome thing that happened this year!). We explored the cities of Osaka, Nara, Yokohama and Tokyo and I could go back in a heartbeat. I have always had this longing to go to Japan; something about the history has always intrigued me. My top 3 things that we did were:

  1. Seeing geisha in Gion
  2. The Samurai Museum in Tokyo
  3. Eating okonomiyaki in Osaka

My Personal Life

Alright, feel free to skip over this bit if you only care for travel but I also think it is


important for you to know a little bit about me.

I managed to score a promotion in my ‘real job’ and am halfway through my Masters in International Security. I got another cat named Sassy. When I was in Japan, my Midnight became best friends with my sister’s cat, Ahri. So I went out to find my Sass cat. She is very very very naughty but lucky for her, she is cute. I also got 3 yabbies, Pinchy, Sebastian and Storm the other day.

You may remember that I had a knee reconstruction late last year. This year has been all about getting it back to its old strength and it is almost there. I returned to cricket a couple of weeks ago but I am not very good!! Plus my paranoia is through the roof. Hopefully I will have it up and running properly by this time next year.  Don’t ever hurt your knees; it takes forever to repair it.

So next year?

Perisher, New South Wales

I have started to get my plans for next year up and running. I won’t give too much away but I have an international trip in March which means I will add another country to my list. I am also planning on visiting a new part of Australia that I have never been to. I also plan on returning to a couple of my favourites within Aus. I realise this is all pretty vague but I guess you will just have to follow me to keep up to date with my adventures.


I have two goals for next year. My blogging goal is to write a new post every fortnight. I realised that I lacked giving you all content this year but I want to share more of my adventures with you. My personal life goal is to read a new book every month!  I really miss reading and with my Book Voyage package it means that I will have a new book from around the world arriving each month.

2018 will be the year of no excuses. There is always time to do the things you love. I will just have to learn to prioritise my time better.

Well I really need to get ready for my friends New Years BBQ. See you all in 2018!



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