Best Camera Backpack

If you love your cameras and you want them to serve you long and strong, you have no choice but to give them a good life.

Of course, you don’t leave them in the rain, sun, and dust; they deserve better. And that is why we cannot insist enough; get yourself the best camera backpack for them.

But what does the best camera backpack have that the ordinary one doesn’t?

Well, we would like to venture into that right away, but we would rather you see and feel a number of them, then decide.

And then we will talk about the features that make the right camera backpack later in the article.

For now, here are the best camera backpacks in 2021. 

Lowepro Fastpack BP 250 AW II

Unlike other backpacks that originate from a desire to make money, the Lowepro family has a father to it; Greg Lowe.

The man who made it his business to make backpacks that would enable sporting lovers to take cameras and cinematography devices to heights undreamed-of.

That would then allow them to share the breath-taking sceneries with their friends and the rest of the world.

So Lowepro Fastpack BP 250 AW II is a younger generation of the original Lowepro is engineered through the experiences of photographers and videographers.

It provides you with 3 primary storage zones; one for the camera, one for related accessories, and the last for a laptop. It suits a 15-inch laptop or smaller and is suitable for a DSLR camera such as Nikon D810 with extra lenses.

Its side entry ensures quick access to your devices and their accessories so you don’t miss a moment worth capturing. 

Its top has an open zone with multiple pockets and adequate space allowing you to organize the odds and ends you want to take with you.

So slide in your little diary, smartphone, keys, and other portions. It also allows you to take along your tripod base or water bottle in its tall, stretch-mesh side pocket.

But that’s not all, this backpack is made with a built-in All Weather AW Cover to protect your devices from harsh conditions.

It also has a security flap for the outer compartments to secure your wealth when in transit.

Lowepro Fastpack BP 250 AW II cares about your comfort just like you do about your gear. It is equipped with a padded and removable belt for your waist helping you distribute its weight on your back instead of tiring your shoulders. And it fits well under a standard airline seat.

For a backpack that meets and exceeds your expectations, paying $89.95 for this Lowepro is a win!

Thule Aspect DSLR Camera Backpack, Black

When a camera backpack has a sternum strap, padded hip belt, and shoulder straps, it means it is ready for your heavy studio baggage.

Add a firm and comfortable back panel and you have the enchanting Swedish-born Thule Aspect DSLR Camera Backpack.

The backpack boasts ample storage space. It has a designated camera compartment big enough to fit a Nikon D5500 with lens attached plus related accessories.

It also has a vertical back zippered booth for your laptop; good for the 15-inch type and a tablet, and a side pocket with buckles for your tripod. The upper half can carry all your other photography brik-a-brak.

Thule Aspect DSLR Camera Bag Backpack has attracted a few complaints, however. For example, while it is 100% nylon, it lacks a rain cover so you have to get your own.

Also, its modular pads allow your camera to shift about when on your back and the waist belt’s pockets lack zippers. However, it has a quick-access pocket for your snacks as you travel. 

Should you need to fly, the bag fits in the overhead bin on a standard plane. It costs $148.95 only.

Endurax Extra Large Camera DSLR/SLR Backpack

For only $119.99, you can now bring home the stunning experiences of your hiking escapades, thanks to Endurax Extra Large Camera DSLR/SLR Backpack.

This backpack prides on its ability to carry three of your mirrorless cameras in one go. The top compartment takes in one camera with a lens attached up to 18 inches, and 4 extra lenses.

In the lower one, you can either fit 6 lenses or 4 with one camera unattached. If you have a long lens camera, remove the divider between the 2 compartments and give it space.

Your third camera and a lens sit in the free waist or shoulder camera bag. 

You could use the left side of the bag for a large tripod, the right side for a small one, or fasten it on top of the lower compartment in a horizontal position.

There is also enough organized space to store the memory cards, small diary, pens, and even more for your laptop and tablet. The camera backpack comes with a rain cover. 

Your back is protected by ventilating back padding. The contoured shoulder straps, torso-length adjustment, and sternum strap guarantee extra comfort.

Vanguard Alta Sky 51D Camera Backpack

The story of Vanguard Alta Sky 51D Camera Backpack starts with its ability to let you live the best of your photography world as well as your lens-less world. Take out the dividers and your studio life is gone!

Besides carrying your everyday camera, you can style the dividers to accommodate a drone. If the drone is big, consider attaching it on the outer back, there are enough reinforcements for such.

The backpack allows several camera heads and lenses, almost every photo and video gear has a home here.

But having many cameras in your backpack can turn cumbersome when you can’t reach them fast. Vanguard Alta Sky 51D Camera Backpack has multiple-access points. You have full rear access, as well as side and top access.

It also has various pockets to accommodate the little things that matter during outdoor photography. That includes a long pouch to hold your coffee flask or water bottle.

Your laptop finds a place in the back zip pocket allowing almost any size of a laptop.

The tripod can be fastened on its back. This backpack features bright orange interiors to ease locating the gear you need fast. 

Vanguard Alta Sky 51D Camera Backpack is versatile, with premium ergonomic comfort and terrific built keeping your gear alive and safe.

It presents a breathable back panel and ergonomic shoulder, sternum, and waist straps for your comfort. That explains why you pay $211.01 to own it.

Chrome Niko F-Stop Pack

Sometimes your adventure includes more than the photo and video gears, laptop, and related accessories. Imagine spicing up your adventures with skateboarding.

Chrome Niko F-Stop Pack is equipped with enough straps to allow your tripod, camping gear, and even skateboard to tag along.

It has a convenient top-mounted zip opening easing access, removable modular dividers to accommodate different gears as the day demands, and a back pocket for your laptop. It can take about 7 lenses and one body.

Of course, there are several other pockets to stash your accompaniments. And bearing in mind you could end up in a rainy situation, thanks to the 1050D ballistic nylon, your gear is protected.

The only discomforting factor is its neutral colors emphasis in the interior making it difficult to trace the little things that make the camera life fun.

However, with this Chrome Niko F-Stop Pack, you are guaranteed freedom through limitation to venture anywhere you desire at $200 only.

Zecti DSLR/SLR Camera Backpack

Zecti DSLR/SLR Camera Backpack features an advanced anti-gravity system enabling the effective reduction of the load on your shoulder by 30%.

Its removable dividers give you the power to decide how your gear will cohabit in the compartment. There is adequate room for a large laptop in its compartment, DSLR/SLR/Mirrorless camera with at least 2 lenses, mini drone, batteries, and external lights.

The camera’s compartment has a zipper limitation though, it only goes one way. But that is compensated by the quick access capability enabling you to reach the camera on the fly.

Your tripod could either find a place fastened on top or halfway slid in the elasticized side pocket and fastened to place if you won’t need the space for your water bottle.

You are provided with 2 multi-functional detachable strips to tie your extra travel baggage, say a mat, to the back of the bag while the top pocket carries the little things that make outdoor life fun.

Though Zecti DSLR/SLR Camera Backpack is made with strong, flexible, water-repellent Tarpaulin material that silences light rain, you are provided with extra rain covers to keep your gear dry when it pours. The bag has a rubber bottom stand-up pad. 

Beschoi DSLR Camera Bag

Coming in at $68.99, the Beschoi DSLR Camera Bag presents you with the most practical capacity camera backpack for easy travel. 

Imagine fitting in up to 13.3-inch laptop, tablet, 2 DSLR cameras, up to 6 lenses, flash Speedlight, and other photography essentials you desire in one backpack.

Move the backpack’s dividers about to ensure comfort for your gear. And while all those stay indoors, your lightweight tripod can hang in the side pocket and remain fastened so you won’t have to think about it until you need it.

The bag also features a water-repellent coating, anti-theft zippers, and strong stitching to your satisfaction.

It has thick padding to protect your back, breathable air-mesh to cool you off and shoulder straps to distribute the weight of the backpack to your advantage.

While it may not pass for every inch of your photo and video gear, the Beschoi DSLR Camera Bag is a good competition bearing its price and muscle.

Manfrotto Pro Light 3N1-36 Photography Backpack

Most of the best camera backpacks leave you only one way to take it where you go; on the back. But Manfrotto Pro Light 3N1-36 Photography Backpack gives you more choices.

You could take it on your back, hold it by the top grip handle, sling it or assume an X-position across your torso, giving you the freedom to flow unrestricted.

The backpack has the potential to carry a camera or drone of your choice, up to 7 lenses, and a flashlight thanks to its padded dividers. It allows you to remove your camera 3 ways; through the right, the left, or middle, so you never have to miss a shot.

You also have plenty of space to carry your accessories on top of the bag. The compartment is an organizer with a myriad of pockets.

Manfrotto Pro Light 3N1-36 Photography Backpack allows you to arrest a monopod on the side while your tripod hangs on the back.

It also has a special compartment for your laptop. It is however on the pricier side of life asking for $229.88.

Lowepro LP37270-PWW Pro Trekker BP 550 AW II Outdoor Camera Backpack

The pricy camera backpacks have a reason to cost as such. Like Lowepro LP37270-PWW Pro Trekker BP 550 AW II Outdoor Camera Backpack. Another grandchild of Greg Lowe’s innovation coming at $399.95

Likes its predecessor above, it takes a 15-inch laptop and 10-inch tablet with pride.

Its modular system allows a pro mirrorless or DSLR camera with lens attached, up to 6 spare lenses, 2 speedlights, a smartphone, and a full-size tripod on its side. And still, there is space for more accessories. 

When it comes to pockets, you can’t exhaust this camera backpack. You have 2 side zip stash pockets for your snacks and quick access items, some CradleFit pockets, and many others that will surprise you as you discover its worth. 

It is a strong backpack with ergonomic shoulder straps, an adjustable sternum, and a removable waist belt to help you bear the weight of your gear.

Think Tank Photo Streetwalker Pro V2.0 Backpack (Black)

Were it not for its height, the Think Tank Photo Streetwalker Pro V2.0 Backpack could deceive you of its real purpose.

It could pass for an ordinary travel backpack courtesy of its slim, contoured body-design with a wide shoulder strap.

But when you slide open its main zipper, you have access to space worth of 2 gripped DSLRs, up to 6 standard zoom lenses, and a 10-inch tablet. Sadly, it can’t take most of the laptops.

But if you play around with that adjustable space and you can fit in the photo or video gear of your choice depending on where you choose to spend your day.

The main compartment features one large hinged divider that can run from top to bottom, a small one, and 6 mediums.

Don’t forget to fasten your tripod on the front; provision is made for its safety.

The camera backpack is made of nylon with high-density velex and closed-cell PU foam and is equipped with YKK RC fuse zippers for extreme safety.

The thick padded shoulder straps give you comfort allowing you to seek your thrill long and hard. And you only spend $199.75 on it.

Lowepro LP37176 ProTactic Backpack 350 AW II – Black

For only $199.88, Lowepro LP37176 ProTactic Backpack 350 AW II – Black allows you to carry up to 2 standard DSLRs, one with lens attached, up to 8 lenses, throw in a Speedlight, a 360 cam, and other accessories in the main compartment. You have 4 points to access your gear fast!

It comes with a rain cover for your photo and video gear fitting snuggly when you needed it and can be stashed away when not required.

More protection is offered by the composite-shell construction with FormShell technology on the top lid providing greater impact protection.

And since you are likely to spend your entire day chasing great sceneries, Lowepro LP37176 ProTactic Backpack 350 AW II offers great support for your shoulder blades and superb comfort to your lumbar and waist.

The back panel is structured to allow aeration and spare your back the heat. It has an integrated trolley sleeve.

Although it can’t hold some of the large laptops like the 15-inch Macbook Pro, it fits well under the airplane seat. So travel safe!

Gitzo Adventury 30L Camera Backpack for DSLR

Some camera backpacks have nothing much to show for their stitching. But when it comes to the $199.99 Gitzo Adventury 30L Camera Backpack for DSLR, there’s a lot to write home about.

You can fit in 2 mirrorless cameras and up to 2 lenses or a Canon 1D X Mark II with up to 400mm f/4 lens attached and a 13-inch laptop and tablet.

Should you need to take your big tripods with you, Gitzo Adventury 30L Camera Backpack provides a multi-link strap to arrest them to safety.

It is a stable backpack with sturdy zippers, two decent side pockets, and a top storage area perfect for a foldable drone like the DJI Mavic Pro series and its accessories or your personal effects. 

Gitzo Adventury 30L Camera Backpack has Gizmo G-cushion removable insert for advanced protection.

Its exterior looks feature-rich outdoor life fit for long adventures thanks to the water repellent materials it is made of. It also has a coated bottom to prevent it from soaking when sitting on humid grounds.

 Peak Design Everyday Backpack Zip 15L

Photography demands quickness of action whether you are taking a shot of the moment or recording unexpected footage. But that’s not all that speed is all about.

Sometimes you need to pick your camera backpack in a rush. That’s where Peak Design Everyday Backpack’s 3 padded grab handles come in.

If you can’t throw it on your back, either grab it by the sides or like in brief-case style, and run.

The backpack features top and dual side access to your photo or video gears via a 270-degree wrap-around zipper.

The UltraZip design presents a study zip technology that beats the rest in the market. You no longer have to dig through your backpack searching for your weapon.

You can fit in a 13-inch laptop in its sleeve while your 10-inch tablet and necessary documents sit in their respective pockets. Order is necessary. 

Peak Design Everyday Backpack’s exterior is weatherproof keeping your gear dry. It is made with 100% recycled nylon and polyester fabrics.

It comes with 2 external carry straps to fasten your other equipment in place, 2 flex fold dividers, one sternum strap, and a key tether. But you only pay $189.95 for all that spoil.

NOMATIC 40L Travel Bag- Duffel/Backpack

Last but not least comes the NOMATIC 40L Travel Bag- Duffel/Backpack that on the honest side of life qualifies for your everyday travel bag with no gear in sight.

So why is it on this list?

First, it sits well in the overhead cabin or even the small commuter planes promoting your nomadic life without shouting about it. Maybe that is why it comes in only one color; black.

Again, it is created to swing between a duffle bag and a backpack making it the best bag to carry a camera and a lens without proclaiming your photography gospel to the world.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any gear-specific compartments like the rest of the backpacks above. But it can hold your 15-inch laptop and a 10-inch tablet in their respective compartments. 

The secret is to fold your clothes with care and use them to create compartments for your gear then alternate between its 2 carry-styles.

It is 100% waterproof, spacious, and is a great companion to your roller suitcase courtesy of the built-in durable sleeve.

It comes with detachable waist straps when you need to pack it on your back and has two pockets to hide the important details.

Do You Need A Camera Bag?

With the exception of the NOMATIC 40L Travel Bag- Duffel/Backpack that lacks camera compartments, all others are careful in the way they hold your expensive photo and video gears.

Imagine throwing your Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III Black vlogging camera worth $1599.00 into an ordinary backpack unguarded and expecting it to serve you after chasing dirt bikers and falling several times in the process. How realistic is that?

So yes. You not only need a camera bag but one of the best camera backpacks from the list above.

What Should I Look For In A Camera Backpack?

We promised to discuss this in the beginning, so here it is.

Begin by focusing on the type of camera you fancy taking out, the lenses it works with, and the other accessories that make your shooting escapades worthwhile.

You may need to place such on a special table to get the picture. The right camera backpack for you should hold each one of those without crashing them against each other.

That calls for adjustable compartments in case you need to swap between gears.

But the backpack should also have a compartment for your laptop and tablet if you carry one.

A place to fasten your tripod or monopod would go a long way into making your day successful; whether it sits on the side or front. The more the compartments and pockets, their ease of access, and guaranteed security, the better.

And since your gear may end up so heavy, consider a camera backpack that is kind to your back. One with breathable fabric, lumbar comfort, and shoulder straps that are wide and thick.

The presence of waist and sternum straps also come in handy. If you can find a backpack with various ways of carrying it on top of all these features, that’s your camera backpack.

Why Are Camera Bags So Expensive?

That may not be an absolute truth if you consider the first camera backpack in this list; Lowepro Fastpack BP 250 AW II going at $89.95

But again you have its sister, Lowepro LP37270-PWW Pro Trekker BP 550 AW II Outdoor Camera Backpack that costs over 4 times more, or The Camps Bay Camera Backpack (ONA008NYL) by ONA that costs $449.00.

Both have a good reason not to cost less; the way they hold your expensive gear. That disqualifies your ordinary school backpack. 

So where does that leave you and your gear?

If your gear and the money you invested acquiring each piece means anything to you, you won’t hold them in backpacks that aren’t dedicated to your lifestyle.

So, spare yourself the heartache of burying your photo and video gears prematurely and get the best camera backpack for them.

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