Best flip screen camera for Vlogging

Hey vloggers… It must feel supreme to be a celebrity in this day and age. No? Anyways, I have a question for you. What is the most frustrating issue that you face during vlogging?

I know issues like proper light, exposure, camera results, etc cause a great deal of trouble indeed. But, what is it that frustrates you the most?

I am talking about all those times when you set your camera at the perfect spot, gave out your best efforts to film a video only to find out that you were out of frame.

Did it happen with you guys as well or am I the only one?

Let me assure you just like I pacified myself all those times by saying that it is not your fault.

This isn’t because you are unskilled. Let’s put all the blame on the camera because essentially it is the camera’s fault that it didn’t have a flip-screen feature. 

Especially if you are a vlogger and you have to shoot “talking to camera” kind of videos, you might feel disappointed. The quality of your content depends on many factors along with your talent.

Incompetent camera cannot pull along with your vlogging career. You have got a single solution to all your vlogging problems; the flip screen camera, the only vegetation amidst the desert.

With a flip screen camera, you can just be yourself in front of the camera, without any worries.

You can flip the screen, see how your vlog is being recorded, and you can witness yourself getting famous overnight. 

For your ease, I have listed some of the best and incredibly amazing flip screen cameras here:

Canon EOS M50 Mirrorless Vlogging Camera

My top choice for flip screen cameras is Canon EOS M50. This brilliant 4K camera provides you with inspiring photos.

Its quick and clear focus with a flip screen provides you with the quality that you want. Its wireless connectivity enables you to share your content immediately without any effort.

Trust me, I am not brand conscious or canon biased; let me tell you the reason why it’s my top choice.

You can lock the focus of this camera to a specific subject so that you can shoot high-quality videos easily.   

This small, lightweight camera with interchangeable lens and wireless connectivity is most probably the best flip screen camera you can grab as a vlogger.

Its full rotatable touch screen and ergonomic structure will make your profession quite fun for you.

Sony ZV-1 Came

Sony has made content creation quite simple with its functional devices. This ZV-1 flip screen camera is my second choice for Vloggers.

Instead of giving you reasons why this is my second choice. Let me enlighten you with its features, and then you can decide on your own.

The auto-focus of this camera is just incredible. To give a professional touch to your content, It prioritizes your face and automatically blurs the background, just by clicking a background defocus.

Wanna bring simplicity and creativity to your content? Go and buy this camera and see for yourself.

Its ease of use is its best feature so far. Its sound quality enables you to shot talking videos on the run.

Its affordable price with such amazing features makes it an ideal choice for Vloggers.

Sony Alpha A6600 Mirrorless Digital Camera

It is one of the top-selling products of Sony. It comes with great battery life and of course a flip screen.

Its body-image stabilization and auto-focus tracking make it one of the ideal flip screen cameras for Vloggers.

If you are looking for detailed video shooting, then this should be your go-to product. it is claimed to have the world’s fastest AF speed. Its mic and headphone jack is another perk for the Vloggers.

The material used in its manufacturing is water-resistant and of high quality which makes it durable.

The wireless communication technology makes it easy for you to share content among devices. It features a shooting speed of 11 fps.

This camera is quite lightweight and comes with all the necessary accessories.

Sony Alpha a6400 Mirrorless Camera

You can experience the fastest object tracking with this Sony Alpha a6400. This fast and accurate camera along with its amazing features is available at quite an affordable price.

It features a lot of video options. You can make slow-motion videos, quick-motion videos, and time-lapse.

The LCD touch screen is tiltable to 180 degrees. This feature makes it easy for Vloggers to monitor the composition of their video. They can create and upload content daily.

The LCD screen features a wide variety of touch options, the touchpad, touch focus, touch shutter, and touch tracking. 

You can customize the screen according to your requirements. Among its numerous uses are vlogging, still photography, or professional filmmaking.

It shoots video with exceptional detail and depth. Its fast auto-focus produces smooth focusing in videos.

DJI Pocket 2 – Handheld 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer with 4K Camera

DJI is quite famous for its drones and creative camera technology. This Pocket 2 camera is most probably the smallest flip screen camera for Vlogging that you will ever encounter.

Its weight is only 117 grams and its battery life is almost 2 hours and 20 minutes. You can easily adjust it 

anywhere; in your bag, in your pocket, or you can easily carry it in your hand.

It features smooth video shooting and high-quality pictures. Its 180 degrees panorama enables you to adjust everything in the frame.

You might be shocked about how this small camera can take such a big shot. 

The camera comes with a wireless mic transmitter that records high-definition audio, a wide-angle lens that captures the image without any distortion, and a do-it-all handle that enables you to operate it easily without any special effort.

Panasonic LUMIX G9 4K Digital Camera

This LUMIX G9 4K provides you with an opportunity to create professional videos and photos. Its splash-proof design makes it quite durable. Its dust-proof construction makes it functional for everyday use.

The dual image stabilization and 4K camera quality make it one of the best choices for Vloggers.

Its connectivity makes it practical for its users. Lightning-fast focus and exposure technologies differentiate it from other devices. 

You can also pause the video and extract the perfect moment of your video in a high-quality image.

Its microphone and headphone terminals help you to record high-definition audio along with a smooth focusing video. Its lighter and compact body allows you to carry it everywhere. 

Panasonic LUMIX GH5 4K Digital Camera

If you are an amateur photographer who is willing to give a try Vlogging, this camera is for you. This 4K video camera captures pro photos along with high-quality videos.

It features an interchangeable lens. It can help you capture sharp images. You can also slow down the footage of your shot video without losing its details. It features a shooting speed of 30 fps.

One of the most noticeable features is that it eliminates lens shake during video shooting.

Its latest technology enables it to produce enhanced color detail and natural texture expression. You can also extract pictures from videos.

 Its custom buttons, focus peaking, image stabilization, and of course the flip screen make it one of the ideal choices for Vloggers.

Its touch screen along with its functional structure makes it quite ergonomic.

Fujifilm X-T30 Mirrorless Digital Camera

This Fujifilm camera is built on advanced image sensor technology. It can provide accurate auto-focus and face detection even for moving objects.

Its low-light limit is also increased from the typical range which enables its users to make the best out of it. 

The design is quite intuitive with ergonomic button patterns. Its video recording is enabled with the quality to detect face and eye just through one click on the touch screen. It offers a lot of simulation modes.

 All these modes have specific features that make your videos presentable.

The grip is enhanced through its special ergonomic structure. No need to say, the LCD screen is rotatable.  

Sony ZV-1 Compact 4K HD Digital Camera

You are so fascinated by all the amazing specs in a camera but you can’t afford them! Don’t worry.

I have got your back. Here is the most affordable camera with the most amazing features that you might be looking for as a Vlogger. 

This rechargeable camera comes with a windscreen. It is optimized for natural and easy shooting.

It features a natural skin tone that makes your content beautiful and ready to post. You don’t need to have any experience to use this.

 Its easy setup makes it a famous product among buyers. You can also select whether you want to defocus the background to give it a professional look, or you want to focus on the entire scene.

4K Camcorder Video Camera Vlogging Camera

This 4K Camcorder is quite famous for its sharp video resolution and clear images. It features two LED fill lights.

You don’t have to worry about its charging, as you can also use it while charging; you just have to connect it to a power bank.

Its Webcam feature allows its users to live stream through it, or you can also use it with Skype.

If you are looking for a multi-functional camera that comes with a lot of amazing options, then this bad boy is the answer to all your prayers. It offers face detection, remote control, and self-timer. 

The anti-shake properties of this camera are going to be your favorite. It is very lightweight and easy to carry.

Its flip screen LCD can be used to record Vlogs, YouTube videos, or to chat with family or friends.  

How do I get my camera to flip the screen?

You can enable the flip screen from the settings. The interface of settings is different for different cameras. You can check the user guide of your camera.

Which Canon cameras have a flip screen?

A lot of Canon cameras feature flip screens. Some of them are,

  • EOS 90D
  • EOS R
  • EOS M50
  • EOS Rebel T7i
  • EOS 6D Mark II

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