Best Vlogging Camera Under 300

Are you on a tight budget? I feel you fella. With our 9 to five jobs that barely cover our expenses, it becomes quite difficult to save something for our passions.

If you are someone who is passionate about vlogging but is not able to give this field a fair chance due to the lack of finances. This article is going to be the bearer of good news for you. 

Budget constraints should never limit a person’s talent. That is why I made special efforts to customize a list of cameras that are under 300 dollars but still provide stellar results because we all deserve to have the best of everything.

All of these cameras are equipped with features that are essential for any vlogger, yet if you look at the price it will be lower than 300 dollars. Now that is something. Isn’t it?

Nikon COOL PIX B500 Digital Camera

Nikon Cool Pix is, no doubt, a great choice for those who want to buy the best camera for vlogging under $300; this is why it is our top choice.

This vlogging camera features 16 megapixels with an optical sensor of 1/2.3. Its 3 inches LCD with built-in-WIFI and Bluetooth support is also worth mentioning. 

Above all, it has a good zooming optical ability of 40x, and dynamic zooming of 80x.

This feature can make it easy to capture any view sharp and clear; high performance with low struggle. It also allows precise focusing at the distance of 22.5 to 900 mm. 

This vlogging camera comes up with the highest ISO sensor of 6400. Its ergonomic structure makes it easy to grip and flip the screen. It also provides reliable battery timing.

You can record high-quality HD videos of 1080pixels. It allows you to capture 18 types of modes; including landscape, snow, moon, backlighting, portrait, night landscape, sunset, fireworks show, bird watching, portrait, easy panorama, and others. 

SUNLEO Digital 30MP YouTube Camera

If you are a beginner, and you don’t know much about Vlogging cameras, this one is for you. It will help you gain a better understanding of the typical functions of a Vlogging camera.

The ease of use of this camera will make you fall for it. This camera comes with a flip screen that allows you to view any scene up to 3 inches within 180 rotations. 

This vlogging camera is ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking or trekking. It is best for face detection, smile shooting, anti-shaking which can make you shoot more attractive.

By using its flashlight, you can also adjust the red eye selection, auto, or flashes modes as well. 

The feature that makes it stand out is its protective design. The UV lens of this vlogging camera makes sure to protect it from rain and dust. It also offers reasonable storage as it allows up to 128 GB.

Canon PowerShot N 12.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera 

Mentioning the first canon product in the list, though there are going to be a lot of other products. The lightweight and compact design of this PowerShot camera make it very handy.

Its pocketable size further adds to the ease of the user. The convenience is further enhanced by improved ways of transferring pictures and videos.

This digital vlogging camera allows you WIFI and mobile device connections to share your photos and videos.

Though buttons are also handy, a lot of people prefer touch screens; this digital vlogging camera also fulfills this need. It allows you to take a shot by zooming a 28 mm wide-angle lens.

Another factor, which might be considered as a drawback, is that it works better in bright situations as compared to the dark. It also features several adjustment options for the colors, compositions, and lighting of the image.

Canon PowerShot EOS Digital Camera

If you want high-quality Vlogs along with some high-quality pictures, you should try this Canon PowerShot vlogging camera.

It is for those avid Vloggers that are also fond of photography. The crisp and sharp video quality and incredible picture quality will make you admire it.

The interface is quite user-friendly. It is perfect for those who are in the search of easy to operate vlogging camera.

The lens of this camera provides the ability to take a shot of HD video with 720 pixels. With the help of its 64000 dpi resolution, you can view it easily.

You can take a perfect shot by configuring its two types,i.e., optical & fisheye of the lens. This diversity of lens choice enables you to capture the perfect moment.

It captures the view by zooming its optical lens up to 960 mm. It is available in two conventionally preferred colors, red and black, so you can choose the one that fits your aesthetics. 

Canon PowerShot SX610 HS Digital Camera 

Here is another camera from Canon. This built-in-WIFI canon Power shot camera works efficiently for vloggers and is liked because of its more than sufficient storage to store your photos and video.

No need to say, it features built-in Wi-Fi. There is no need of getting worried about the quality of pictures; Canon knows how to pull along with the standards. 

The incredible quality of this camera is the reason for its fame among Vloggers. You can shoot in 1080 pixels HD quality.

It also allows you to take a shot from a wide distance with the help of its zooming capability. It allows you to take a shot up to 18x optical zooming.

As far as the dark frames are concerned, it also shoots effectively in dim frames. Furthermore, you don’t have to put the effort into avoiding blurriness. This camera efficiently omits blurriness from its frame. 

Canon PowerShot SX530 Digital Camera

If you are a traveler and you are planning to shoot travel Vlogs, you need to choose a camera that suits well with the extreme condition of different countries.

Canon Powershot SX530 is best for shooting in extreme, upper or lower, weather. The interface is quite user-friendly, and it is very easy to operate.

It can shoot the targeted object even from a distance and the quality of the shooting isn’t substandard.

The zooming capacity is just amazing, you can capture minor details precisely even at full zoom.

It also features burst shooting, which helps you take the best moment out of the whole scene. You can get continuous shooting at the speed of 1.6 frames per second.

The quality of the picture is also noticeable. As far as video is concerned, it allows shooting 1080 pixels HD videos that are perfect for vloggers.

It provides you the ability to transfer files via WIFI as well as wireless mobile devices, which makes it convenient for you to share content.

Canon PowerShot SX420 Digital Camera 

I was more than ready to add all the canon products; especially the PowerShot models are amazing. I think I need to write separate reviews for Canon only.

They are so famous among Vloggers and I think Canon is worth it. Their functionality has proved them to be the best Vlogging cameras.

This Canon PowerShot SX420 Digital Camera is another addition to your list of best Vlogging cameras under $300. Due to its small size, you can keep it in your travel bag effortlessly. 

It allows shooting HD videos at 720 pixels. Also, it is good at sound recording while shooting videos, so you don’t have to struggle while shooting the “talking-to-camera” type of videos.

It allows capturing any view by zooming up to a 42x optical lens, which results in a clear and high-quality shot. 

It also helps in adjusting the colors as well as focusing automatically while capturing. You can easily sync all your photos with your phone wirelessly.

Canon PowerShot ELPH 170 IS Camera 

Though this list is already brimmed with Canon products, this product is worth mentioning. I think Canon is the most reliable brand to provide functionality at an affordable price.

Being small in size and lightweight, this PowerShot ELPH 170, is the perfect camera for vloggers. It is easy to carry with you while going ambling. 

Its zooming ability allows taking a shot up to 12x zooming. Even if you are not a camera expert, you can use this camera very easily using its quick set-up guide by just clicking on Auto point and just shoot. Isn’t it worth it!

If the surrounding isn’t well-lit, you can use its flashlight. The flash of this camera works excellently which results in a clear image.

The ECO mode in the camera helps to reduce the power consumption of the battery thus increasing the working hours.

Sony DSCWX350 18 MP Digital Camera

If you are starting Vlogging by shooting everyday casual Vlogs, you need a handy and ergonomic camera that provides you with high-quality videos.

The main feature that makes it stand-out and isn’t found in other cameras is its lock-on autofocus. You don’t have to struggle for the focus anymore, you can lock it at a specific position and you are on a go. Tadaa! 

The 20x optical zoom will provide you a detailed clear image of the things that are not even near to you. The fast focus enables you to capture high-speed activities like your kid’s game with great details.

Thanks to the Wi-Fi and NFC you can connect it with your Smartphone as well. It means you don’t have to worry about connectivity and the transfer of files.

Bright colors, excellent noise reduction, and amazing battery life are some of the highlighting features of this camera that you need to consider. 

Panasonic Lumix ZS50 Camera

For everyday vlogging, the Panasonic Lumix ZS50 camera is another suitable camera. It is easy to hold and operate, as it is built according to ergonomic patterns.

It can provide quality images, which is the consequence of its 12.1 megapixels sensor. I think the sensor value is reasonable enough for a picture to be rendered as high-quality. 

You will get the best results even without using flash. It takes focus and enhancing the elements of the view to the next level. You can get results in sharp and clear quality.

The high-speed response enables you to capture fast-moving objects instantly. 

While traveling, imagine your eye catches a stupefying view and you are sure that your camera won’t be able to capture it as beautifully.

This camera is going to help you take that shot with its incredible zooming capacity. The zooming feature becomes further ideal for vloggers if they use LEICA DC optical lens.

Sony DSCH300/B Digital Camera 

Last but not the least; Sony DSCH300/B Digital Camera is another camera to capture scenes with vivid details and outstanding quality.

Its powerful zooming optical lens provides you the ability to capture a perfect shot. Super HAD CCD sensor allows you to find beauty in each shot that you take. Its amazing features will make you fall in love with your profession or passion. 

It has an optical sensor of 1/2.3 inches. There is a misconception that you need an expensive camera to capture a 360 degrees HD shot.

I don’t believe so and this is a great argument against this misconception. This camera turns all those rumors to dust by 20MP resolution and detailed panoramic shots. 

It reduces the chances of the blurry image that maintains the quality of the image.

Various advanced features like smile shutter technology, party mode for automatic light optimization, ergonomic grip make it the best vlogging camera under 300.


Vlogging has been a sensational activity for the past five to seven years. Especially the youth have played a vital role to reinforce this profession.

By taking pictures and recording the videos of your surroundings you can show this beautiful world to others. A vlogging camera provides the means to do so.

Some main features you should check while purchasing vlogging camera are listed below:

  • Optical Zooming.
  • Quality of Image & Video.
  • Data transferring connectivity.
  • CMOS sensor.
  • Storage.

All of the cameras listed above provide satisfactory results when it comes to filming quality.

I hope that you find “the one” that you are looking for and turn your vlogging dreams into a reality. 

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