Cheap vlogging Camera

Remember the time when we used to own diaries and journals?

We would jot down our recollection of daily routine and occasionally add a picture of that memory. Times have surely changed.

Social media with all its perks has transformed the expression of both past impressions and future dreams. 

Sounds dramatic, right? But it’s true. So, that same diary is now a small video of a person, uploaded onto YouTube and talking to you in real-time. Yes!! that’s the vlogging or video blogging for you.

Personally, I prefer to watch motivational and travel vlogs. Though content matters a great deal, yet I would swipe past any video if the graphics are not appealing enough.

I used to think it’s just me but turns out everyone else does that too. Well, no surprise there.

 So, it means we only follow the rich vloggers because good graphic cameras are quite expensive, Right? 

Err…. No?

So, I researched to find the “economical cameras” just in case I decide to be a vlogger. Astoundingly, such a thing as “cheap vlogging cameras” exists, and that too with good visuals.

So, if you are into vlogging here is a list of few such cameras:

AKASO EK7000 Wi-Fi Sports Action Camera 

This camera can withstand extreme environments, is waterproof, and costs only about $52. Since it is a 4K Ultra HD action camera, therefore, the resolution is 4 times higher compared to any traditional HD camera.

The battery lasts longer allowing you to record more than 90-min a video. Besides, it also comes with two accessory rechargeable 1050mAh batteries.

 It supports Wi-Fi so you can upload your videos on the spot. Additionally, it is small and lightweight, and you can even attach it to your helmet.

But it is not your thing if you want to apply additional camera mounts or microphones. Though in-built camera lens and microphone works just fine. It is a camera for you if you are a surfer or a rafter.

HLS Camcorder 4K Wi-Fi Underwater Action Camera

Wait, another waterproof camera with Wi-Fi and 4K HD resolution? 

So, what’s new? Well for once, it costs only $34.

Cheaper than most vlogging cameras yet with the actual value for money, this camera is designed for under-water activities especially diving.

You can use it for your hiking and ski trip, as well as surfing and snowboarding. It can even support memory cards and you can attach it to almost anything. The camera doesn’t contain a flash though. 

But I don’t reckon anyone would dive into the black sea at night and want to vlog about it? Wait they do that now? Okay, then it’s not your thing if you want a flashlight within the camera. Overall, this camera is good for anyone wanting inexpensive good vlogging. 

AKASO V50 Elite 4K60fps Touch Screen Wi-Fi Action Camera

This is an upgraded model of AKASO waterproof camera and costs about $140. Now that’s a bit expensive for a cheap vlogging camera. Right? No. Not really!! 

This camera allows you to control it using your voice and you can even command it to zoom in, for about 8X times compared to traditional zoom-ins. The slippery button issue is also gone because it contains a touchpad instead of buttons. The camera can endure pressure within 135 feet of water. 

It comes with extra batteries and even attachment kits such as helmet accessories. It allows smart angle adjustments. But the auto low-light and exposure settings make it handy even for indoor vlogs. 

Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera

I like this camera and even its name. This camera costs around $50 and has a 2-inch touch screen. It is waterproof so, yes, it is ideal for vlogging within 100 feet of water. The camera weighs only 16 ounces so it is easy to carry around. 

It also comes in with a helmet accessory and the visual angles are adjustable to a wide range. The photo resolution is up to 16MP and its zoom-in capacity is 4X times. The wifi and remote control makes it ideal for real-time vlogging. It is not your thing if you only use mac-based memory cards. But it is a camera for you if you are an adventurer. 

Kodak PIXPRO AZ421-RD Digital Camera 

Just like all Kodak products, this camera is both durable and reliable. The camera can record videos of 720p HD and can capture photographs up to16MP. It costs around $160 and allows optical zoom up to 42X. Unlike other vlogging cameras, Kodak allows the mounting of separate lenses and accessories. It supports memory cards and lets you transfer data to your system easily. 

It has a 3-inch screen and has default panorama mode settings. But you can easily change settings to manual landscape or face beautifier. It is not your camera if you are into water sports as it is not waterproof. But if you are a motivational vlogger and like long walks, this is your camera.

CEDITA-Digital Vlogging Camera 

If you are a YouTuber and you regularly upload videos, this is your camera. Costing only about $100 apiece, it is indeed a quality product. 


Well, it allows 30MP photographs and 2.7K HD videos with all the desired angles. The focus is perfect for teaching and interacting activities. On the other hand, this camera has a face recognition function to make it ideal for your selfie too. 

So good pictures and excellent videos, high five!! 

The camera is user-friendly and comes in with 2 extra batteries. They don’t have a headset port, though. But again, who attaches a microphone or headsets when the quality is already good enough? Unless you are a singer then it may not be your thing. 

HAOHUNT Camcorder Vlogging HD Camera

In case you are a YouTuber and want to attach external headsets anyways, this is your camera. This allows 36MP photographs and 1080P videos. It costs only around $99 and has a 3-Inch touch screen. It usually comes with 2 extra batteries and even a hand-held stabilizer. 

Cool right?

It even permits remote control, so you can pause the video with just a hand-gesture. It is good for slow-motion and time-lapse videos as well. Owing to the autofocus feature, you don’t have to manually set focus every time. It is good for make-up tutorials, teaching, and interactive vlogs. It is, however, not for you if you are into scuba diving as it is not waterproof.

AKASO V50X Native Wi-Fi Action Camera 

If you still want to go scuba diving with an external microphone and camera attached to your helmet, AKASO has another camera for you- the V50X. It is waterproof and can withstand more than 130 feet within water. It also has Wi-Fi and costs around $100. It has a fisheye lens and it allows up to 4X optical zoom. It also has an EIS touch screen. 

EIS what? 

It’s short for an electronic image stabilizing screen so videos don’t blur out and you can record your experiences smoothly. That’s what we call value for money. It is for all kinds of activities from indoor tutoring to surfing and hiking. Video resolution is 4k HD and the camera even allows wide-angle photography. But it is not your thing if you want to attach other lens mounts.

Sony DSC-H300/BM:

Costing around $185 this camera is both reliable and durable with its three-month warranty. It allows optical Steady-Shot image stabilization to omit any blurring. Furthermore, it can record videos in 720p resolution and can capture photographs up to 20.1 MP. It has a 3-inch LCD screen and has extended battery life. The most prominent feature of this camera is its compatibility with several external mounts and accessories.

It does not support Wi-Fi, so unless you are using it alongside another system, you may not be able to upload your videos right away. But it is the best choice for pre-recorded YouTube videos and Instagram photographs. You can even record your adventures using this, as this is lightweight and easy to carry around.

So, the question remains:

How much is the cheapest vlogging camera?

Well, this depends on the budget. Among these products, HLS provides the cheapest camera with reliable graphics. That aside, Kodak provides the cheapest vlogging cameras with a range of $25 to $50 apiece. 

But this leads to another question:

Which camera do vloggers and YouTubers use? 

This again depends on the country and the content expertise of a YouTuber. However, most of the YouTubers use Canon, Sony, or Olympus cameras.

The Canon is most popular among travel vloggers while Olympus is usually a choice for educational purposes. These cost more than 800 dollars and yes that’s expensive. 


No matter how expensive or cheap your camera be, it is essential that it provides you with good graphics and you are comfortable using it.

Also, just to buy an expensive camera do not compromise on the sound. I hope this helped you find the perfect fit for your vlogs.

But the thing that I would like to tell you the most is that don’t let over-priced YouTuber cameras stop you from making your vlogs. Try an inexpensive good graphic camera and keep on living your dreams. 

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