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I started vlogging in early 2014. You all must remember the ice bucket challenge. Well, I started my vlogging career with that. It was my initial days. I was young dumb and broke.

So most of my vlogs would have me holding my camera in my hand or supporting it on my coffee table. And I remember vividly that after 14 months of vlogging, I finally decided to buy a vlogging camera stick. 

I bought the first one that looked appropriate to me without getting nit-picky about its feature. Hey, no judgment here; I was naive. I didn’t know any better.

OK, I bought a camera stick without realizing that my camera was too heavy for the poor thing. Long story short, I managed to break my camera along with the shiny new stick that I bought, in one week. 

I won’t name and shame the brand or model here because it was my own mistake. I didn’t look at the maximum weight limits.

After this experience, I learned one lesson the hard way. It was to never buy something without looking at its specs. 

If you are also looking to buy a vlogging camera stick or tripod, I am here for you. I am much older, brighter, and not broke now.

I have tried many tripods in the course of these seven years, and here is the list of the ones that we’re able to impress me. 

Buy any one of them and kick start your career in Vlogging instantly! Seriously stop procrastinating.

Manfrotto MTPIXIEVO-BK, PIXI EVO 2-Section Mini Tripod:

Manfrotto has come up with the perfect Vlogging and photography solution for you. Recently, they introduced a highly advanced and robust tripod, the PIXI EVO 2-Section Mini Tripod.

This tripod’s versatility and sturdiness are at their peak as it is made up of high-quality aluminum.

You will fall in love with its stylish adaptor structure and the fact that it can bear to hold devices more than a weight of 2.5 kg. 

This tripod is lightweight and portable, which means that you can easily use it wherever you need to. Moreover, the tripod has multiple functionalities as per its flexibility.

You can tilt your camera up to 90 degrees and adjust the tripod’s legs to take a ground-level shoot. It ensures high stability in addition to improved precision.

Joby JB01507 GorillaPod 3K Kit:

The Joby JB01507 GorillaPod Kit consists of all the necessities you need for your photo-shoot or video creation.

The Ballhead over the tripod supports a compact camera lens and can fit different camera devices up to the weight of 6.5 pounds.

An exceptional feature that you shall adore is the tilting facility besides movable camera control. 

You can tilt your device up to 90 degrees and turn around the camera in 360 degrees to take all kinds of shots you desire. Joby’s GorillaPod 3K Kit has been developed with a combination of fine materials of ABS plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, and TPE.

The beauty of this product is its outstanding flexibility and portability. You can take it anywhere as it is foldable.  

SwitchPod DSLR Tripod:

One of the most suitable companions for making Vlogs and photography more interesting is none other than the versatile tripod created by SwitchPod.

You can estimate this tripod’s versatility by its matchless two-mode feature that allows you to convert tripod functionality into a selfie-stick and vice versa within no time. 

The tripod has an excellent design as it has finger grooves that help to grip it firmly. There is a knob over the ball head of this tripod to help you fix the camera or your mobile phone sturdily, hence increasing safety measures.

The material of this quality tripod is an indestructible yet lightweight aluminum alloy, which enables you to take it anywhere for use. Hurry up and get this peerless product for Vlogging!

Magnus VT-3000 Tripod System:

The Magnus VT-3000 Tripod System is another splendid product for photographers and YouTube Vloggers. The pack of a complete tripod system consists of a VT-QRP300 Quick Release Plate, which comes up with a Carrying Case and 1 Year Warranty.

When set, the tripod weighs approximately 3.5 kg, having the ability to easily hold the camera or other relevant Vlogging devices weighing above 6 pounds. 

The tripod is made up of high-quality Anodized Aluminum. Height adjustment is possible in this tripod, enabling a maximum height of 155 cm and a minimum of 72 cm.

Two different feet fashions come along with this tripod system, i.e., Spike Feet and Rubber Feet. Moreover, you can also tilt your camera to have variable shots.  

AmazonBasics Lightweight Tripod:

One of the entirely exceptional Vlogging Camera Tripods that you can have is the Amazon fabricated 60-Inched Lightweight Tripod.

The well-designed and unbreakable body of this tripod is made from A1 quality Aluminum metal.

The best aspect of this tripod is its high adjustability. You can adapt its height from 60 cm up to 158 cm. 

Moreover, adjustments of the center leg of the tripod Are also possible, allowing precision from 25 cm to 60 cm. You can mount various camera devices on this tripod that include digital cameras, video cameras, and even GoPro devices.

The weight limit that this unique tripod can handle is about 6.6 lbs, whereas the tripod itself is much lighter than that, i.e., 3 lbs approx. This tripod’s three-way head enables a tilting feature that aids you in taking video shots from different dimensions. 

Manfrotto MKCOMPACTACN-BK 5-Section Tripod Kit:

If you are a Vlogger who makes content frequently, The Manfrotto MKCOMPACTACN-BK 5-Section Tripod Kit is perfect for you.

This tripod kit is straightforward to utilize as it contains a joystick head to grip the camera, and there is a circular quick release plate which makes the attachment of the device more tightly fixed. 

Furthermore, the Tripod kit has seamless compatibility with hundreds of DSLRs and SLR cameras, making it popular among the videography community.

You can surely take it anywhere for your Vlogs and photo-shoots as due to its lightweight of just 2.5 lbs, it turns out to be highly portable. In addition to that, there is a full and equal capability of this Manfrotto Tripod to support panoramic shots. 

Manfrotto X-Pro Aluminum Monopod:

When we talk about the best Vlogging Camera Sticks, it isn’t possible to exclude the Manfrotto X-Pro Aluminum Video Monopod from our list.

This particular monopod has an advanced FluidTech technology that contains a fluid cartridge. Through this recent feature, you can have a smooth inclination for manifold videography. 

The inclusion of a smart Power-lock for the stable fitting of your camera adds up to the beauty of this monopod stick.

The much-needed feature of height adjustment helps you make alterations from 30 cm minimum to 79 cm maximum. Moreover, transportation of this high-quality aluminum build Monopod is easy as it weighs just 4.6 lbs.

Manfrotto MVK500AM Lightweight Tripod:

The MVK500AM Lightweight Tripod has been designed efficiently by reputable Camera Equipment manufacturers, the Manfrotto. You must be in search of such tripods for Vlogging having the latest fluid head technology.

Don’t worry, as this tripod is compatible with it. Furthermore, you can easily set up your videography or photo-shoot activities with the help of sidelocks. While taking a look at its adorable design, one can indeed fall in love with it.

 The material is fine and sturdy as the tripod has been manufactured with excellent aluminum and carbon-fiber. The less weight of the tripod enables you to carry it comfortably with you anywhere.

Through buying this eminent Tripod for Vlogging and photography, the bonus that you get is the free padded bag for portability convenience. 

What equipment do most YouTubers use?

Every YouTuber’s focus is having excellent video quality, perfect lighting, good picture composition, and adorable animations where needed.

There are multiple types of equipment that YouTubers use for Vlogging and making videos. These include Camera Lens, Camera Sticks, Tripod Stands, Microphones, Ring Light Lamps, and Software for video editing.

Can you Vlog with a selfie stick?

Yes, selfie sticks can be the right choice for Vlogging as they would enable you to take multiple style shots for your video.

It has been found out that Vloggers more frequently use selfie sticks as compared to Tripods. However, it is up to you what you prefer to use.   

Final Words

Vlogging and photography equipment are undoubtedly a little expensive to be bought all at once.

I consider your money to be worthy and valuable. What you should evaluate is the quality of the product you are going to purchase.

The above given is the list of the best Vlogging Camera Sticks and Tripods you would surely love.

So, without wasting your next second, select one of these top-notch tripods and camera sticks for your best Vlogging and Photo-shoot experience. 

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