What is Vlogging

Vlogging has turned out to be an impressive successor of Blogging or blog writing. Unless you were living under the rock, you must be familiar with what Vlogging is.

If you’re not, no worries, no judgment at all I am here to tell you. I penned down all this data for you. So buckle up.

Let’s take a ride of this freakish world of vlogging that is full of opportunities and hopes for us millennials and Gen Z people. 

As far as those boomers are concerned, who are searching on their phones what is vlogging, don’t worry I will explain all of this in simple terms.

Alike Blogging, Vlogging has also a motive to convey discussions about a particular topic.

In Blogging, you have to write, write and write to generate the content for your topic. Then you get your blog published on different websites.

 On the other hand, the beauty of Vlogging is hidden in your camera. What you have to do is to capture and cover a particular topic in the form of a video and publish it on your different social accounts or even on your official YouTube channel.

Selecting a niche is as essential for Vlogging as that in writing Blogs.

If you analyze the topmost vlogs over the internet, you will come to know the most popular niches for Vlogging. These niches are Traveling, Current Affairs, and Marketing. 

Besides selecting your niche, you have to consider the best suitable equipment.

It includes a high-resolution camera for best video quality, Vlogging camera sticks for avoiding any trembling effect in your content, and perfect framing.

Blogging vs. Vlogging:

People might get confused sometimes as both the terminologies, Blogging and Vlogging look a bit similar. But, they have a variety of differences that are to be discussed here for you.

Although, when we talk about the similarity of both professions, the main motive is to convey a certain message through content creation.

Let us look at some key differences between Blogging and Vlogging to distinguish them appropriately. 


  • The word blog has been initiated after the word weblog which aims to create content in the form of writing and then you can publish your written articles on different websites available all over the internet or even at your blog website. 
  • On the other hand, if we consider a Vlog, it directly provides a reference to creating videos as the name itself says Video-Logs.

    What you have to do is to create your content, message, or any sort of topic covered in the form of video. After that, you can post your videos on a YouTube channel which has nowadays become very popular in this particular area.


  • You just need a laptop or a desktop PC for accomplishing the desire of being a blogger. This results in making blogging much easier to execute and much cheaper than Vlogging. 
  • As Vlogging requires a little expensive equipment to proceed, it becomes a challenging task to initiate. Besides this characteristic, the people out there love to invest money and their efforts to gain fame through their Vlogging skills. 


  • Let us put light on the visitors and viewers of Blogs and Vlogs since the start of both professions. It has been reported that Blogs have been visited by the public more as compared to Vlogs. 
  • The reason behind this is obvious as the profession of Blogging was introduced before the initiative of Vlogging.

    But, it is totally up to you that what you choose among these two because at this point today, both of them have their worth and benefits.
  • According to a survey conducted in 2018, 84 percent of users in the United States never vlog themselves. But, the most important thing to notice here is that the survey is 4 years old.

    If there were a survey or study conducted in 2021, I am sure that the results would be way different. 

The Vlogging Equipments:

When you opt for Vlogging as your profession or interest, the most important thing that you have to mark down is your equipment.

If you get all the essential gear, trust me or not, that would be a perfect Vlogging adventure for you.

Keeping eye on the essential equipment for Vlogging, here are some of them that you must consider for being a noteworthy Vlogger. 


What is Vlogging without a camera? It is absolutely nothing for sure. As Vlogging is all about video content, the camera that you are up to use must have good video quality support so that your audience could enjoy high definition (HD) content. 

One more thing that you must note before purchasing a camera is that go for one that matches your content niche.

Even there are such top pixel quality cameras in smartphones nowadays that might fit your daily Vlogging routine.

But if you aim to go for something bigger than that, for example, if you plan to Vlog live sports games, then you have to go for an advanced camera that must have a high level of motion support.

Lastly, the thing which is noteworthy about a camera is its portability, so that you could create content anywhere.  


If you are satisfied with your video quality, what might be the next thing to focus on? That is the audio and sound.

A Vlog cannot be free of voice as you would talk about some topic in that. This uplifts the requirement to get better audio quality as you can. 

For this purpose, you need a good quality microphone that on the one hand, should fulfill your best sound quality and on the other hand, capable to suppress unnecessary background noises that might create disturbance in your content. 

Such high precision microphones are available in the marketplace that comes separately without a camera, as well as sometimes situated with them too.

Multiple microphone types include USB microphones, wireless Bluetooth microphones, shotgun microphones, etc. All of them have their beauty according to their need.  

Tripod or a Camera Stick:

The stabilization of your Vlog video is more than necessary to avoid any shaky or uneven movement that might result in bad footage.

To cut short this issue, having a tripod stand or a camera stick for fixing your camera while the shoot is a must. 

It genuinely depends on the type of Vlog that you are about to make.

For instance, If you are shooting a travel Vlog and roaming here and there on the streets and roads, a camera stick would be the best to aid you. 

Whereas, for a still Vlog shoot, we recommend you to have a tripod stand for your successful camera stabilization and perfect framing.

It might be surprising for you to know that nowadays, there are tripod stands with dual features as you can mold them and convert them into selfie sticks! Sounds interesting, isn’t it?   

Software for Some Editing:

How about enhancing your video before uploading it on your YouTube channel or Facebook Page? It is a good idea.

There are various paid as well as free video editing software available on the internet including, FIlmora9, Adobe Premiere, OpenShot, etc. 

If you think that the Vlog you have shot just needs a little bit of intensification, the free tools and software can be best for you.

On the other hand, if you aim to append yourself to the list of professional Vloggers, then you surely need exceptional editing software. For this, you have to invest in getting robust and highly professional tools to continue.  

Some Popular Vlogging Ideas:

The thing that you may or may not have observed in almost every Vlogger is that he has his specific talking point or a subject.

So, selecting a niche or a particular area before planning to start Vlogging is completely decisive. Here are some ideas that we are keen to share with you as they might help you kick-start your career. 

Travel Vlogs:

It is all about exploring new places and sharing facts and figures about them.

In the end, you can also give your reviews about that place, like what did you like or disliked about that location. 

Review Vlogs:

Making review vlogs has been a popular idea nowadays. You can review a lot of things like movies, food, games, gadgets, etc.

Make sure that create such engaging content that the public gets excited about your next video. 

Routine Vlogs:

What do you do in your entire day becomes a part of routine vlogs. You can capture different activities that perform in your daily routine.

What you eat, what you do while being at your home, you can share that with your viewers. 

Educative Vlogs:

These include tutorial videos, how-to videos, discussing different subjects, etc. It helps people especially the student community who are in search of such educative vlogs on YouTube channels or FB pages and groups.

Verdict Vlogs:

For making successful Verdict or Opinion Vlogs, the best areas that you can capture are current affairs, latest trends, etc.

That’s a great idea if the public likes to hear opinions from you regarding popular headlines or releases.   


I hope that this article has cleared all the general concepts regarding what is vlogging? Its equipment as well as types. For those who ask if Vlogging is worth it? Or is it a source of generating income?

It is, as there are many ways through which your Vlogs can pay you. So, it’s time to gear up and become one of the best, famous, and professional Vloggers in the world of the internet.

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